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Bahucharaji is one of the most sacred and famous Shaktipiths of Gujarat. The temple is located in Bechraji taluka of Mehsana district in North Gujarat. Bahucharaji is 100 Km. from Gandhinagar , capital of Gujarat and 110 Km from Ahmedabad and 35 km. West of Mehsana. The Bahucharaji temple complex was constructed in 1783AD. Bahucharaji is worshipped as a Swarup of Goddess BalaTripura Sundari. Bahucharaji is visited by ever increasing number of pilgrims every year and there is an urgent need to develop Bahucharaji as a Model Yatradham of Gujarat.

Under the guidance of the Chairman , the Temple Trust has prepared Bahucharaji Integrated Development Plan and has already taken the implementation of various projects . The main aim is to conserve and beautify the Bahucharaji temple complex and surrounding areas and to provide clean, efficient, affordable facilities, infrastructure and beautiful environment for pilgrims.

Following integrated development works are taken into hand.
Total cost is Rupees Eleven Crores.

S. No

Name of work

Estimated Cost

Actual Expenditure


1 Shrifal Place - 1865169 Completed
2 Long & square pavelian at Mansarovar  - 4336531 Completed
3 Chaul chriya Bhavan  - 1949137 Completed
4 Marble flooring & compound wall & garden at Mansarovar  - 2613781 Completed
5 Anna Purna Bhavan 8568000  - In progress
6 Model road 6000000  - In progress
7 Renovation of Mansarovar 2003965  - In progress
8 Fountain at Mansarovar 320400  - In progress
9 Garden near Sarvodaya school. 2402491  - In progress
10 Gaumukh at Mansarovar 214558  - In progress.
11 Guest House 14143163  - Future planning
12 Shopping Plaza 17658946  -  -do-
13 Temple Complex dev.  8400000  -  -do-
14 Renovation of fort etc.  3000000  -  -do-
15 Development of Talav  7500000  -  -do-
16 Khijidi wali place  3000000  -  -do-
17 Rain water harvesting  3000000  -  -do-
18 Under ground water line . 15000000  -  -do-
19 Shakti Chowlk 1277444  -  -do-
20 Foot path, parking & strom water drain at road 5660000  -  -do-

Following benefits from integrated development are received.

1. 1.5 million pilgrims every year.
2. Local business increased.
3. Increase of income of Gram Panchayat.
4. Increase of employment generation.
5. Cottage industry development.
6. Increase in Income of GSTC.
7. Increase in Tourism .

Modhera: World famous Sun Temple, Suriya Kund, Vav and temple of Goddess Modheshwari. Modhera is West side of Mehsana district and 25 Km from Mehsana. Modhera is visited by ever increasing number of pilgrims every year and there is an urgent need to develop Modhera as Tourist Place for which Government of India has sanctioned 118.93 lakhs rupees . We are planning to take following works on hand.

S. No Name of work Estimated cost Actual expenditure Status
1 Four lane road from Modheshwari temple to Sun temple 9048000  - Future planning
2 Const. of view point of Hawa Mahal 11388000  -  -do-
3 Electrification of road with ele. pole, sodium lights from Sun temple junction to Sun temple Gate 2487000    -do-
4 Tree plantation 1105000    -do-
5 Water supply etc. 960000    -do-

Vadnagar: Vadnagar is situated in the North-East portion of Mehsana district whih is 34 km. from Mehsana. The history of Vadnagar is as old as its rich musical traditions. The town has been an important centre of educational pursuits and business since early times. It is in the historic towns rich cultural tradition.

Sharmishta was the daughter of famous Sant Shri Narsinh Mehta. She has married at Vadnagar. She delivered two girls ; namely Tana-Riri . They become famous Malhar Raag Singer. In their rememberance, two temples were constructed at Vadnagar . Government of Gujarat is celebrating Tana-Riri classical dance programme every year.

Hatkeshwar Mahadev Temple, Amthermata Temple, beautiful sculptures of Varah , mother goddess and other deities , Vadnagar Toran are famous for its beauty. Government is trying to put Vadnagar into World Heritage . It is a tourist centre of Gujarat.

Following development works are undertaken by the Government.


S. No Name of work Estimated Cost Actual Expenditure Status
1 Sharmishta Talav project 25030814  - Work is in progress
2 Modern ST Depot 16000000  
3 Javahar Navodaya Vidyalaya    
4 Open Air Theatre with contribution of ESSR Company 2500000  -
5 Mamlatdar Office 7124000 8194000 Work completed
6 Sub Treasury Office 1486000 1799000  -do-
7 Taluka Panchayat office 4937000 4719000  -do-
8 Community Health Centre 6821000 1308000 In progress
9 Court Building  758000    -do-
10 Govt. employees quarters 2010000    -do-
11 Polytechnic college 90000000  31000  -do-
12 ITI Building 18190000    
13 Gaurav Path  8700000   Future planning
14 Ring Road 17500000    Future planning
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