B-2 Branch

  • All work under General Provident Fund.
  • All work under Group Insurance Scheme – 1981.
  • Works related to establishment of office of Secretary/Principal Secretary/ Additional Chief Secretary (Dispute) Revenue Department, Ahmedabad.
  • Sanction of food grain advance and festival advance admissible under Gujarat Financial Rules.
  • Work relating to staff meeting of officers/employees.
  • Sanction of HBA, Motor Car Advance and Scooter Advance and other vehicle advances under Gujarat Financial Rules.
  • Coordination of branch/ table inspection of branches of Revenue Department.
  • Audit being carried out by A.G. Rajkot
  • Work relating to maintenance and repairr of Government vehicles under R.D.
  • Work relating to Telephones under the Department.
  • Work of other training except departmental training/ examination and DA/advances for training.
  • Purchase of books, publications, magazines, news papers etc., useful to the officers/branches and its payment.
  • Issue of income certificates to officers/employees.
  • Allotment of Government quarters and its ancillary work.
  • Work relating to applications of officers/employees for enrolment of membership in library and credit societies.
  • Work relating to ‘No Objection’ certificates for passports to the employees of the Department.
  • Payment of bills for facilities (such as tea, coffee, refreshments) available to the Hon’ble Ministers and officers of the Department.
  • Work relating to issue of identity cards to officers/employees of the Department.
  • All work relating to stores.
  • Purchase of computers for all the employees of Revenue Department (proper) and its subordinate offices and all work relating to budgetary provisions and purchase of computers and its repairing and its spare parts and its ancillary work.


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