B- Branch

  • To create temporary posts in local establishment and its continuation.
  • To make temporary posts into permanent.
  • Appointment/transfer etc. in local establishment.
  • Work related to recruitment and resignation in local establishment.
  • Regarding Departmental inquiry (local establishment)
  • Work related to crossing of efficiency bar (local establishment)
  • Sanction leave and its ancilliary matters. 
  • Confidential Reports. (Local establishment)
  • Superannuation – premature/ voluntary retirement (local establishment)
  • Work related to pay-pension (local establishment)
  • Departmental Examinations of staff/officers of Local establishment and work of training in this regard.
  • Publication of orders of delegation of powers among officers of Revenue Department under Rules of Business for Government.
  • Inspection-supervision of works of Registry and type section.
  • Work related to distribution of work among branch/unit of the Department and offices.
  • Work related to disputed receipts.
  • Other miscellaneous matters of local establishment.
  • Review at age of 50-55
  • Higher Pay Scales (local establishment)
  • Exemption from examination of Hindi.
  • Schedule training to direct recruitee officers/ staff allotted by GAD. Work of completing probationary period.
  • Sanction of air travel, rail travel, out of state travel (local establishment)
  • Break in Service (Local establishment)
  • Work relating to medical allowance/reimbursement (Local establishment)
  • Submission of detail of the sanctioned, filled and vacant posts in the department to GAD.
  • Payment of benefits admissible to the officers/employees of the Department on retirement such as L.T.C, Leave encashment and payment of lump sum allowance for settling in native place.
  • Obtaining property returns held class-II officers of the Department every year.


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