D-1 Branch

  • Transfer, appointments etc., of Dy. Collectors and Mamlatdars. (except first appointments on promotion)
  • Reappointment of retired Dy. Collectors/Mamlatdars.
  • Revenue Department Examinations.
    • Sub-Service Departmental Examination Rules 1071.
    • Lower Revenue Qualifying Examination Rules (LRQE)
    • Higher Revenue Qualifying Examination Rules (HRQE)
    • Revenue Lower Grade Examination Rules (RLSE)
    • Revenue Higher Grade Examination Rules (RHSE)
  • Sanctioning leave/joining time of Dy. Collector/Mamlatdars.
  • Maintaining charge report, index card etc. of Dy. Collector/Mamlatdars.
  • Cases of Superannuation / VRS and premature retirement of Dy. Collector/ Mamlatdars.
  • Preparation of Civil list.
  • Sending on deputation Revenue officers and prescribing their pay and other terms for.
  • Certificate under G.C.S.R.
  • Partial and final withdrawal from GPF to Revenue officers.
  • Miscellaneous work such as calling of statements of appointment on every quarter from Collectors and submit monthly statement  to the Ministers of transfer of Mamlatdars.
  • To make budget provision for purchases of vehicles to regular revenue officers such as Collector, Prant Officer, Taluka Mamlatdar and allocation of grant to the Collector for this purpose.
  • Matters of G.P.F. of All India Administrative Service Offices under control of the Department.
  • Publication of seniority list of state level cadre of Deputy Mamlatdar and work related court cases thereof.
  • Pay fixation of officers of Mamlatdars/ Deputy Mamlatdar cadre on deputation.
  • Permission for higher studies to Mamlatdars and Deputy Collectors.           
  • Relieving Mamlatdars and Deputy Collectors for training.
  • Issues of Dy. Collector Association (GAS cadre).


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