D-2 Branch

  • Confidential Reports of officers of the levels of Mamlatdars and related work.
  • Maintenance of confidential reports.
  • Calling of confidential report- review.
  • Procedure for deciding representation for adverse remarks made in confidential report.
  • Communication regarding high court matter for C.R. and appearing in High Courts.
  • Cases pending of effiencybar in old pay scales.
  • Providing of Confidential Reports for DPC for promotion from Mamlatdar to Deputy Collector cadre.
  • Providing of up-to-date files of Confidential Reports for nomination to IAS from Additional Collectors and submitting necessary records. 
  • Call for names of reporting officers and reviewing officers for missing Confidential Reports of previous years, contacting them and complete the work.
  • Sending of files of Confidential Reports for higher pay scales and other administrative reasons in different districts/officers Departments.


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