D – Branch

Preparation of Selection list.
  • Promotion to Mamlatdar from Deputy Mamlatdar cadre and first appointment thereunder.
  • Promotion to Deputy Collector , Class-I from Mamlatdar, class-II and first appointment thereunder.
  • Direct recruit Mamlatdars class-II: Posting, transfer, training and completion of probationary period.
Pay Fixation:
  • Stepping up of Mamlatdar/Dy. Collector Cadre.
  • Matters of higher pay scales in cases of  Dy. Mamlatdar to Mamlatdar, Steno Grade-II to Grade I cadre, from Mamlatdar to Deputy Collector Cadre.
  • Preparation of returns for the posts to be filled for probationary Mamlatdar of District Recruitment, Amendments in Recruitment Rules.
Publication of Seniority list:
  • Publication of Seniority list of Mamlatdar Cadre.
  • Maintaining of roster registers of Mamlatdar and Dy. Collectors.
Casual leave of Collectors and leaving head quarters:
  • Sanctioning of casual leave of Collectors and permission to leave head quarters.
  • Proposed monthly tour programmes of Collectors.
Joining Service:
  • Joining previous service of Mamlatdar and Deputy Collector Cadres.
Problems of Association:
  • Problems of  Mamlatdars’ Association.
  • Appointment of Roster Contact Officer.
  • Collection of information of S.C, S.T, SEBC and Physically handicapped candidates for direct recruitment and promotion in Department under Department and all Collectorates.
  • After collecting from branches, this information is sent to Social Welfare (Social justice and empowerment) Department, GAD and Tribal Ddevelopment Dept.
  • To ensure that district officers comply with the rules.
  • To provide necessary guidance to district officers.
  • Work of annual Inspection to ensure that roster registers are maintained in Collectorates/ Heads of Departments.
  • To take necessary action on representations made by S.C, S.T, SEBC and physically handicapped employees and their recognized associations.
  • Review of workload of Mamlatdar cadre.
  • Fixing rates of P.T.A. allowances to Mamlatdar and Dy. Collector cadres.
  • Action plan of Mamlatdar Cadre –II.
  • Permission of advanced study to probationary Mamlatdars.
  • Sanctioning of deemed dates to Mamlatdars/ Dy. Mamlatdar cadres.
  • Action on recommendation on annual reports of Commissioners for S.C and  S.T. of Government of Gujarat. 


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