G - Branch

  • Grant of any type of Government land free of charge, revenue fee or on token rent under section 32 and 32-A of Land Revenue Rules, 1972.
  • Fixing of village sites.
  • Matters relating to pasture land
  • Revenue-Kotar lands.
  • Pond-site lands.
  • River-bed lands.
  • Khar land
  • Grant of brackish water land for rearing of aquaculture/fisheries.
  • To grant land for S.no. (2) to (8) for any purpose (other than Major Industries (except Salt Industries)) without or at low rate, revenue free, token rent or lease.
  • To assign land for cremation & cemetery (Graveyard)
  • To allocate or grant land for village siagainst the amount deposited in Government by selling or auction of the Village site (Gamtal) plots to Village Panchayats.
  • To vest Government land with Panchayat.
  • To take back vested land of Panchayat to Government in Public interest.
  • To take back with Government, the land vested with the Panchayats for violation of terms and conditions.
  • To assign land (including No. 2, 3, 10)  under section 38 of the Bombay Land  Revenue Code 1879.


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