J- Branch

  • Work of Modernization and Maintenance of records of rights (Village Form No.6) and its ancillary Village Form No. 7/12 it.
  • Section 58(1) of Transfer of property Act.
  • Mamlatdar Court Act.
  • Land granted for agricultural use under GRDI-1-3-1960 and land of new tenure regranted under various land tenure abolition Act
  • Conversion of land from new tenure to old tenure and permission for sale/change of terms and conditions.
  • Cases of violation of terms and conditions.
  • Grant of permission for exchange of land of new tenure.
  • Bombay Prevention of Fragmentation and Consolidation of Holdings Act, 1947.
  • Establishment of Gujarat Revenuet Tribunal and matter related to it.
  • The Guardian and Wards Act, 1890.
  • All works under section 73-AA of Gujarat Land Revenue Code.
  • Revision/appeal against action under section 73 AA, 73 AA of LRC
  • Information relating to letters of MLA/MPS/ Lok Darbar/ Parivartan Cell and starred/ unstarred questions/ Assurance Committee, pending pension cases and classification of files.
  • The Gujarat Court Act Wards Act, 1963.
  • Continuing establishment of land scheme No. 6 (LND-8) and all work of primary inquiry.
  • Work of collection and compilation of statistical information of monthly/quarterly statements of J-Branch after the closure of stastisticsl branch. In addition, ‘J’ branch shall verify the statements and as per administrative convenience/necessity make necessary changes in it. If any statistical data is to be called/collected it shall prescribe the format and obtain monthly/ quarterly/ yearly/ half yearly statements.


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