K- Branch

  • Matters of non-agricultural permission.
  • Matters of implementation of ribbon control and construction rules and regulation of unauthorized construction.
  • Matters of leasing out Government land to salt Industry.
  • Disposal of land of farm yard.
  • Federal lands (Grant of land to Central Government)
  • Bhoodan and Gramdan.
  • Mines and Minerals and related Industries- correspondence with Mines Department.
  • Work of Solvency Certificate.
  • Policy on rate of non-agriculture assessment and ancillary matters.
  • Treasury Toll Act, 1879.
  • Dangs Development Council, Dang District Reserve fund and Dangs loan fund.
  • Tax on agriculture income.
  • Shares on inheritance on agri. land.
  • Tax on tobacco.
  • Capitation Taxes.


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