L-1 Branch

  • Rehabilitation of displaced persons from West Pakistan.
  • Sale and administration of acquired and non-acquired evacuee property.
  • Recovery of loan from old Burma evacuees.
  • Rehabilitation of Indians repatriated from Mozambique, Burma, Uganda etc.
  • Appeals under the DPCR Act, 1954.
  • The Administration of Evacuee Property Act, 1950.
  • Competent authority.
  • Appellate authority.
  • Enemy property
  • under the Evacuee Interest Separation Act, 1951.
  • Policy matters of evacuees.
  • Case of evacuee property at district level.
  • Petitions filed in Gujarat High Court against order of Collector.
  • Work related to Government building property (evacuee property)
  • Issue of allotment of land for Sardarnagar Township near Ahmedabad city in respect of rehabilitation of displaced persons from West Pakistan.
  • Sale of open plot.
  • Policy and guidance for regularization of encroachment made on open plots.
  • Matters relating to GR Dt. 23-04-1992.
  • Assembly questions.
  • Reference of Public Liaison, Lok Darbar and Vigilance    Commission.
  • Regularization of violation of terms and conditions.
  • Continuation of establishment of rehabilitation of displaced persons.
  • Reconciliation Branch.
  • Audit paras.
  • Appropriation Accounts.
  • Public Accounts Committee.
  • Action Plan.
  • Wakaf Board.
  • Sindhu Settlement Board.
  • All co-ordination matters.
  • All land revenue matters including land revenue policy and its interpretation.
  • Regional changes:  Division of Districts/ Talukas /Prants.
  • Declaration of revenue village.
  • Land re-grants.
  • Khedut Pothi.
  • Revenue recovery certificates.
  • Delegation of powers to Panchayat.
  • Irrigation rates.
  • Revenue Accounts Manual.
  • Land revenue- budget/ grant.
  • Audit paras/ draft paras of above matters.
  • Work of co-ordination of amendments in Land Revenue Rules and Revenue Accounts Manual.
  • Matters of verification of rights of land under section 37(2) of LRC.


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