M- Branch

  • Departmental inquiry against Class I & II gazetted officers of revenue cadre, Mamlatdars and Dy. Collectors. After completion of preliminary inquiry of allegations by respective branches, obtain the opinion of Gujarat State Inquiry Commission. On acceptance of recommendations of the Commission by Government, initiate Departmental Inquiry .
  • Representation on revision applications for punishment imposed on above officers.
  • Work of suit lodged in court against orders of punishment.
  • Action of criminal offence against above officers.
  • Complaints for matters except subjects allotted to other branches of Department against officers mentioned in (1) above by Gujarat State Vigilance Commission.
  • Complaints against employees for non-gazetted officers of district establishment who are involved in complaints along with gazetted officers.
  • Action for suspension of officers of class I and II mentioned in (1) and (2) above and their reinstatement in service.
  • Work of selection committee meeting for promotion class I & II and provide information of pending departmental inquiry against them before grant of permission crossing E.B. pension, retirement etc.
  • Procide information of departmental inquiry for reconsideration of officers of class I & II to deicde whether to continue in service after 50 and 55 years.
  • Assembly questions arising from departmental inquiry against officers shown in (1) & (2) above.
  • Provide information of pending departmental inquiry against officers of class I & II for GAD.
  • Co-ordination of letters received from vigilance commission.
  • Priliminary inquiry of officers of Indian Administrative Services related to Revenue Department.
  • Work of getting information in returns every year of property held by officers of class I and II of Revenue Cadre.
  • Sanction for purchase of movable and immovable property for officers shown in above (1) and (2) under Gujarat State Service and conduct Rules 1971.


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