N-1 Branch

  • Appeal on orders made by Collectors regarding discipline and conduct of non-gazetted employees.
  • Issues of departmental inquiry against above employees.
  • Extension in period of departmental inquiry of above employees.
  • Sanctioning of suspension allowance.
  • Civil Suits, Writ petition of departmental inquiry of non-gazetted employees.
  • Grant of advance for house building and purchase of vehicle of gazetted and non gazetted employees.
  • All work related to pension of revenue non-gazetted employees, Mamlatdars and Dy. Collectors of district establishment.
  • Counting of service in Pakistan of employees of cadres of Mamlatdar and Dy. Collector.
  • Issues of old pay allowances, residence, medical allowance, C.D.S. and non-receipt of pay slips on time of gazetted & non gazetted employees.
  • Charge allowances to Mamlatdars and Dy. Collector.
  • Tribal allowance and Dang allowance.
  • Purchase and disposal of surplus military hutments and tents.
  • Issue of NoC for passports.
  • Issues of misappropriation of Goverment funds.
  • Matters of Group Insurance Scheme of district revenue establishment.
  • Allowances, Specia pay etc.
  • Matters related to GPF (including inheritance certificate)
  • Certificates for VRS.
  • Reappointment due to retirement, resignation etc.
  • All matters to be considered under discipline and conduct.       
  • All works of change as per office order Dt. 11-08-1989.
  • Representation against adverse remarks made in CRs.


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