S-1 Branch

  • Steps for providing fodder and cattle relief during scarcity.
  • Estimated requirement of fodder- cattle feed for scarcity/semi scarcity.
  • Ban on transport of grass inter-state.
  • Relief in railway freight for transport of grass during scarcity.
  • Availability and procurement of grass of forest department.
  • Policy of marketing of grass.
  • Sanctioning of transport contract for transportation of grass.                   
  • Constitution of grass purchase committee.
  • Sanction for establishment of scarcity relief and its ancillary work.
  • Audit para of establishment during scarcity.
  • Seed tagavi
  • Annual administration report of scarcity work.
  • Consultation with NWWS Kalpsar Department and R & B Department for creation on of technical establishment for scarcity relief.
  • References of MLA/MP regarding scarcity.
  • Other matters relating to grass after declaration of scarcity.
  • Water supply work.


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