S-3 Branch

  • All works of disaster management.
  • Matters of policy for disaster and natural calamity with Central Government & State Government.
  • All policy matters related to flood, heavy rains, storms, earth quake, unseasonal rains and other tragic disasters.
  • Questions of Assembly/Parliament regarding disaster management.
  • Policy matters for rescue, relief and rehabilitation.
  • Estimates Committee and audit Report for flood, heavy rains, storms and natural disaster.
  • Standard of assistance in case of death, cash doles to victims of natural calamity of all districts of state.
  • Rehabilitation of refugees of India-Pakistan War 1971.
  • Work of audit para of Branch – Assembly Committee.
  • Work of court cases in respect of natural calamities.
  • All works related to establishment of office of Director of Relief and Director, Voluntary Organizations.
  • Opening up of all control rooms from State levels to Taluka levels, creation of establishment for control room and matters arising from control rooms.
  • All work relating to telephone, hot line and wireless stations.
  • Purchase of all articles for office under control of Branch, and subscription to newspapers and magazines.
  • Purchase of vehicles for natural calamities – repair works etc.
  • Matters related to rescue work in the event of earth quake.


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