Th - Branch

  • To estimate budget and Coordination of budget related work.
  • To get 8 monthly, 9 monthly and 10 monthly revised estimates prepared and sanctioned.
  • Reappropriation and surrender of savings (Non-plan)
  • Grant allocation as per budget provision
  • Matters related to outline of activities and speech of Finance minister on budget.
  • Information related to establishment sought by Finance department on budget.
  • Expenditure monitoring of Non-plan budgetary provisions
  • Reconciliation of expenditure
  • Audit objections
  • Grant utilization certificate
  • Matters related to grant authorization
  • Appropriation Accounts Grant
  • Matters related to opening of new budget head for other branches
  • All subjects of Th-4 branch (as Th-4 branch is closed down) and reconciliation of advances and reconciliation of heads (expenditure receipts and advances) related of department.
  • Fund Availability certificate for advances.
  • Priority registers.
  • To regularize over expenditure.


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