Branches of Revenue Department and their functions

There are 42 branches working in the Revenue Department. The work is distributed among the Additional Chief Secretary and their Secretaries. The Additional Chief Secretary (Revenue) is the administrative head of the Revenue Department. The department is having One Additional Secretary and 10 Deputy Secretary looking after various function. Chief Information Officer is looking after IT related subject whereas Project Officer State Monitoring Cell monitors e-Dhara. The branch wise distribution is as under.

Branch Activities
A Branch This branch deals with the following matters of the districts of Kheda, Anand, Junagadh, Porbandar, Surat, Kachchh, Sabarkantha, Amreli, Panchmahal, Dahod, Bhavnagar, Surendranagar, Banaskantha, Valsad and Navsari.
A-1 Branch Allocation of Government land for non-agricultural purpose in districts of Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Mehsana, Patan, Vadodara, Jamnagar, Rajkot, Bharuch, Narmada and Dang.
B Branch To create temporary posts in local establishment and its continuation.
B-1 Branch Compilation and forwarding information to high level teams and such  reform teams, committees etc.
B-2 Branch All work under General Provident Fund.
Ch-Branch Land acquisition for railways. (all districts).
Chh – Branch All matters in relation to implementation of the Gujarat Agricultural Land Ceiling Act, 1960.
D – Branch Promotion to Mamlatdar from Deputy Mamlatdar cadre and first appointment thereunder.
D-1 Branch Transfer, appointments etc., of Dy. Collectors and  Mamlatdars. (except first appointments on promotion).
D-2 Branch Confidential Reports of officers of the levels of Mamlatdars and related work.
G- Branch Grant of any type of Government land free of charge, revenue fee or on token rent under section 32 and 32-A of Land Revenue Rules, 1972.
Gh- Branch Land Acquisition Act, 1984 – matters related to policy and interpretation.
H - Branch Matters related to survey of India maps.
H-1 Branch Implementation of rules-regulations of Stamp Act and related rules.
H-2 Branch Work relating to land record computerization (LND-11).
IT- Branch The matter of constitution of a permanent IT Team and formation of IT branch is to assist & co-ordinate the IT activities in Revenue Department & HoDs & all the Collectors 
J- Branch Work of Modernization and Maintenance of records of rights (Village Form No.6) and its ancillary Village Form No. 7/12 it.
Z- Branch Bombay Tenancy and Agricultural Land Act, 1948.
K- Branch Matters of non-agricultural permission.
L - Branch Encroachment on Govt. land and matters related to it.
L-1 Branch Rehabilitation of displaced persons from West Pakistan.
M- Branch Departmental inquiry against Class I & II gazetted officers of revenue cadre, Mamlatdars and Dy. Collectors. After completion of preliminary inquiry of allegations by respective branches, obtain the opinion of Gujarat State Inquiry Commission. On acceptance of recommendations of the Commission by Government, initiate Departmental Inquiry.
N- Branch Main subject is establishment of non-gazetted civil service employees.
N-1 Branch Appeal on orders made by Collectors regarding discipline and conduct of non-gazetted employees.
N-2 Branch Promotion Clerk to Dept. Mamlatdar. Seniority List of Clerk
Th- Branch To provide for Nonplan budget and coordination of Nonplan budget work.
Th-1 Branch Public Accounts Committee.
Th-3 Branch To provide for plan budget and coordination of plan budget work & Non PDP Audit Paras/Inspection of A.G. Office.
S-1 Branch Steps for providing fodder and cattle relief during scarcity.
S-3 Branch All works of disaster management.
S-4 Branch Rehabilitation of victims of riots, movements, strikes, accidents, ship break, events of fire etc and matters related to policy of relief thereof.
V-1 Branch સરકારશ્રી દ્વારા શહેરી જમીન ટોચ મર્યાદાધારો-૧૯૭૬ હેઠળ સંપ્રાપ્ત કરવામાં આવેલ જમીનો પૈકી કિંમતી જમીનોની જાહેર હરાજીથી નિકાલકરવા બાબતની કાર્યવાહ
V-4 Branch રાજ્યના છ શહેરી સંકુલો – અમદાવાદ, સુરત, વડોદરા, રાજકોટ, ભાવનગર તથા જામનગરની શહેરી જમીન ટોચમર્યાદા કાયદો, ૧૯૭૬ અન્વયે ફાજલ જાહેર કરી, સરકાર પક્ષે કબજો સંભાળેલ જમીનો બાબત, શહેરી જમીન ટોચ મર્યાદા હેઠળ થયેલ કોર્ટકેસોની કામગીરી.
Award Branch Work of obtaining sanction of Government after verification of market value of land being acquired under Land Acquisition Act.
Examination Unit Branch All work of conducting Department examination of officers of direct recruitment of revenue cadre-III and Class I & II.
Resettlement and Reconstruction Branch Advance planning for meeting the disasters.
Cash Branch Work of salary and allowances and other payments of officers/ employees of the Department.
Record Branch Work relating to records.
Registry Branch Enter posts, applications and other papers received in the Department in register and deliver to concerned branches. Dispatch of Posts from Department.
Hon. Chief Minister's Relief Fund Reciept of donations under Hon'ble Chief Ministers Relief Funds.
A T V T Cell Monitoring of Taluka Janseva Kendra.
Primary Inquiry / Monitoring / Litigation Cell Department's all work related Primary Inquiry.


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