Collector is the head of revenue administration of the District. The State Government appoints him under section 8 the Land Revenue Code, 1879. The Divisional Commissioner was looking after implementation and supervision of the land revenue code in ex-Bombay state. He was supervising and guiding the Collector. From 15th August, 1960, the post of Divisional Commissioner was abolished and the powers of land revenue code and other acts were delegated to the Collector by the Government and with the result the Collector is responsible for implementation of provisions of various Acts of his district.

With time, the work load of the Collector has increased because he is important link between the Government and people for implementation and administration of law. He being representative of State Government at district level, he has to discharge most important duties in administration. As he coordinates all officers of district and conducts administration of district, he is Chief Co-coordinator of the District. He also acts as a District Magistrate.

Collectorate Website
Ahmedabad Collector https://ahmedabad.gujarat.gov.in
Amreli Collector https://amreli.gujarat.gov.in
Anand Collector https://anand.gujarat.gov.in
Arvalli Collector https://arvalli.gujarat.gov.in
Banaskantha Collector https://banaskantha.gujarat.gov.in
Bharuch Collector https://bharuch.gujarat.gov.in
Bhavnagar Collector https://bhavnagar.gujarat.gov.in
Botad Collector https://botad.gujarat.gov.in
Chhotaudepur Collector https://chhotaudepur.gujarat.gov.in
Dahod Collector https://dahod.gujarat.gov.in
Dang Collector https://dangs.gujarat.gov.in
Devbhoomi Dwarka Collector https://devbhumidwarka.gujarat.gov.in
Gandhinagar Collector https://gandhinagar.gujarat.gov.in
Gir Somnath Collector https://girsomnath.gujarat.gov.in
Jamnagar Collector https://jamnagar.gujarat.gov.in
Junagadh Collector https://junagadh.gujarat.gov.in
Kheda Collector https://kheda.gujarat.gov.in
Kutch Collector https://kutch.gujarat.gov.in
Mehesana Collector https://mehsana.gujarat.gov.in
Mahisagar Collector https://mahisagar.gujarat.gov.in
Morbi Collector https://morbi.gujarat.gov.in
Narmada Collector https://narmada.gujarat.gov.in
Navsari Collector https://navsari.gujarat.gov.in
Panchmahal Collector https://panchmahal.gujarat.gov.in
Patan Collector https://patan.gujarat.gov.in
Porbandar Collector https://porbandar.gujarat.gov.in
Rajkot Collector https://rajkot.gujarat.gov.in
Sabarkantha Collector https://sabarkantha.gujarat.gov.in
Surat Collector https://surat.gujarat.gov.in
Surendranagar Collector https://surendranagar.gujarat.gov.in
Tapi Collector https://tapi.gujarat.gov.in
Vadodara Collector https://vadodara.gujarat.gov.in
Valsad Collector https://valsad.gujarat.gov.in


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