Comparison of Manual & Computerized System

Process Practice in Manual System Practice in e-Dhara Key Features
RoR Issuance

Application mainly verbal since Talati knew the khatedars. 

Application not required. Khatedar has to specify his survey/Khata no. for getting computerized RoR

Banks/Sahakari Mandalis/Talati can get computerized RoR on behalf of Khatedar.

Khatedar can get computerized RoR through his representative or Talati.
Issuance Available with Talati only within the village.

Available anytime at e-Dhara Kendra.

One set of RoR sale copy given to talati for availability from village
Consumption points like Sub Registrar, Banks, Taluka co-op society etc are tehsil HQ level
Cost Officially Fifty paise, but was to be retained by Talati.  Available on payment of Rs. 15 per Survey Number or khata.

The basic objective of Self-sustenance of system is met by User charges collected.

Cost is no bar. Well accepted. There is a collection of Rs. 1.7 Cr in 5 months.

Mostly available within the village.

Khatedar may travel to Subregistrar, Banks etc at Taluka for using RoR.

Significant for villages far from Taluka center.

Computerized sale copy RoR is available at village.
e-Dhara center is additional outlet, where availability of RoR is assured.
Authorized signatory Talati himself since all documents in his possession. e-Dhara Dy. Mamlatdar & Mamlatdar  


Mutation Process

Process Practice in Manual System Practice in e-Dhara Key Features
Application for Mutation Written application Compulsory Application in standardized format. Standardize application forms available with Talati and e-Dhara Kendra
Key Supporting Documents Brought by applicant as specified by Talati. Brought by Applicant as mentioned in application form. Standard list of documents according to mutation type
Pending Supporting Documents Brought by applicant as specified by Talati. Applicant is suggested to resubmit application. Endorsement given.
Application is accepted, Pendancy specified in computerized receipt. Mutation not initiated till pendancy cleared.
Standardized list of supporting documents
Application Verification Talati himself verifies. If submitted at village, Talati verifies. If submitted at e-Dhara, Dy Mamlatdar verifies. Application in prescribed format with all necessary supporting documents only is processed through computer
Generating VF6 Entry number Entry registered with a unique mutation entry number. One entry may contain multiple mutation types.

System generates mutation entry number & doesn’t allow back date mutation entry.

System does not permits multiple mutation type in one entry.
Applicant can track application status by specifying mutation entry number at e-Dhara Kendra.
Mutation Text Descriptive Mutation script by the Talati and no uniformity. Standardized mutation text generated by system. Uniformity across the State.
Entry Verification Not Done Done by e-Dhara Dy. Mamlatdar

Immediate rectification in case of errors.

Notice generation and print Containts all necessary details but no standard pattern was followed. Not verified by higher officer. Standardized notice format generated by system.  Verified by e-Dhara Dy Mamlatdar.  
Preparing Mutation File All relevant papers were tagged together in a bunch, not in file. At e-Dharra Kendra, mutation file is created, consisting of Mutation Application, Supporting Documents, VF6 print, notices. Brings uniformity in system & leads to structured decision making while entry certification.
Serving of Notice Done by Talati Done by Talati but monitoring by e-Dhara System.

Notices not served  result to increase in court cases.

Important document and hence being scanned as permanent evidence. 
Notice Period There was no check, except competent authority, for certification of immature entry. Above competent authority, system doesn't permit any structure entry before the notice period.  
Objections, if any Recorded in Takrari Register. Hearing Conducted & case resolved

Recorded in Takrari Register. Hearing Conducted & case resolved.
Section of Takrari Register and Order scanned in computer compulsory.

System checks for scanned order for Takrari entries before certification by competent authority .

All relevant documents being scanned can be used for future reference.
Mutation Decision Taken by Certifying Authority Taken by Certifying Authority. Copy of scanned decision build up repository in system. VF 6 being scanned can be used for future reference
Structure Entry There was no such system. Structure entry provides human logic to system but under strict specified business rules as source coded for making necessary changes in data as per decsion on VF6 entry. Human intervention for data tempering completely eliminated. A unique feature. Not applied except Gujarat.
S Form There was no such system. It is a preview of likely changes happening in data.
It is a check to ensure correct pattern of data Updation visualized in mutation order. Competent authority signs it.
System incharge is assured of correct pattern of data Updation due to mutation order.
Structure Entry locking There was no such system.

System checks for Scanning of signed S form before authentication of Structure Entry.

Assured System incharge now allows changes in data.

Changes in data now updates front end document viz 7/12 & 8A.

Copy of scanned S Form builds up repository in system.
F form There was no such system. It is a tool for post facto auditing of identical sense in VF6 decision, Structure Entry & updated RoR. It is postview of sequential activities regarding particular mutation entry right from application receipt till RoR Updation.
Updated ROR  Components viz Time, Understanding, logic & quality of Updation of RoR is human oriented. Components viz Time, Understanding, logic & quality of Updation of RoR are system oriented.

Updation of RoR is timely, precise, logical & qualitative.


Crop Updation

Process Practice in Manual System Practice in e-Dhara Key Features
Field Survey Talati surveys agricultural lands & ascertain crop details on field Talati surveys agricultural land & ascertain crop details on field  
Form 12 Updation Talati manually updates crop details in manual 7/12 Talati manually updates crop schedule generated from system.  
    Based on updated crop schedule, crop details are entered into sytem  


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