Conversion of Land Tenure

The State Government has issued guide lines vide consolidated resolution No. NSJ-102003-2600-J dated 18-12-2004 new and indivisible tenure lands granted for agricultural purposes, who are mainly granted government waste lands, the lands under various tenure abolition acts viz. Bombay lowest (Inferior) Vatan abolition Act, Baroda Patel Vatan Abolition Act, Baroda Abolition Act, Stipendary Abolition Act., Village Patelia (headsman) land, Lands under Aveda (Water reservoirs for animal) re-granted lands under Inferior Village Servants Act; Restricted Tenure lands under Bombay Tenancy Act and such lands which require prior sanction of Government to divide their lands for change of purpose and divide their interest and where such lands are to be converted into old tenure for agricultural purposes.

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